Your {Are You Out Of Touch With Reality?}



{Are You Out Of Touch With Reality?}

You often wonder sometimes

and find yourself thinking

you are so out of touch

with reality to where

you start to hear voices

inside of your head that

often​ does come up

with some good ideas

but that’s when one

last blast or hard

reality hits makes it’s

self known before

you lose what little

piece of sanity that

you have left so this

may be your last call

for a wake~up back

to hard cold reality

so will you keep on

listening to the weird

unsettling voices inside

of your head that comes

up with some killer

ideas or will you choose

to come back to reality

before it’s to late and

have to suffer your

own personal fate

And ignore it or not?

What will you choose to do?

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017~~And not allowed to use any parts…

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