Outer Space/Inner Space: An Intro to Eclipse Season

Free Yah Mind

When I was in the first grade, my class was visited by 8th graders who were studying a unit on space (sounds like an alien encounter). I’m not sure exactly what intrigued me, but that was the beginning of an obsession with the solar system, the universe, “outer space”. I was convinced for years that I wanted to be an astronaut. My dad helped me make my own model of the solar system, like, the NEXT DAY. It was a 3-D model—in a grand tradition of my father and I proving that we can’t be left to our own devices in craft shops. Each planet was painted, proportioned as well as possible given the limitations of Styrofoam ball sizes and hung in orbit in a box painted dark blue covered in gold metallic stars and glitter (stardust). My mom (seamstress extraordinaire) made me the MOST amazing astronaut costume for…

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