Damsel of Wands

Terrible Tarot

Hello, this is your usual blogger, [NAME WITHELD] and I believe we have discovered a crack in the black abyss that currently surrounds our cursed headquarters. At least, it may a crack in the abyss. It may also be a torn piece of Julen Ibarra’s rave clothing. He cannot tell us, as we were forced to sedate him after an incident with tinfoil, Danny Delaire’s pet spider (Dimitri) and a limited edition blu-ray of “Frankenstein Saves The Whale”. We shall see.

Placement: The Minor Arcana

Description: A young woman with an elaborate golden updo waves to the illustrator with one hand while holding a staff in the other. There is a pattern in the fabric of her blue gown, which may be in the shape of tadpoles, masculine reproductive cells or almond Hershey Kisses (hopefully not at the same time)

Right Side Up:

The Damsel of Wands upright symbolizes the…

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