How Do You Analyze Past Lives With Astrology?

Arrow in Flight

Veil Nebula symbolizing Past Life Karma in Astrology

Last week, I wrote a few articles about how astrologers use various techniques to track a person’s possible past life karma into and then back out of that person’s birth chart.

Astrologers are a wildly diverse bunch, and so there’s no consensus as to which indicators should be given the ultimate sway here. Depending on who you ask, you might find that people assess karma by analyzing Saturn, Twelfth House placements, retrograde Planets, intercepted Planets, Eighth House placements, and even the Asteroid Belt member called, fittingly enough, “Karma.”

The most commonly used method, though – and the one I’ve subscribed to as my own primary move in this particular arena – utilizes the Lunar Nodes as the chief indicators of a person’s karmic signature.

It’s possible to use the Nodes to understand both what the past life karma might be, and also how to go about processing it and clearing…

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