Soul Astrology: Know your life path


Esoteric astrology also called as the Soul astrology is the astrology which takes us inward. The understanding of self through Esoteric Astrology, helps one in understanding the life plan and gives the directions to achieve this plan.

The study of Esoteric Astrology has helped me in understanding my life plan. It has given me a lot of clarity about what virtues I need to enhance in myself and the weaknesses I need to work upon. Esoteric Astrology has helped me to understand my direction in this life time. I could understand the kind of lives I lived in past. What is it that I need to carry forward from my past lives and what is it that I need to let go, became  clear. It made me understand, on which all aspects of my life to work upon, so that I can evolve as a spiritual being.

Esoteric Astrology…

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