Make it the best ride ever!

Love Guidance Daily

I was blessed with such a fun and inspiring dream last night. I dreamed I was working at Disneyland – with Steve Harvey! Our jobs were to spread joy and excitement before the ride, and help each visitor have the best ride of their lives.

I watched Steve Harvey as he entertained guests with innate exuberance, and felt an exhilarating rush of excitement and sheer joy. This is when it dawned on me – I was here to help people feel happy – and help them have perhaps the best moment of their lives! What a dream job!!!

My daughter was in line to the ride as well, and I came up to Angelina and her friends and embraced them all with so much love.

I woke up feeling so empowered, and immensely happy! As I checked my phone for messages (after first writing down my dreams – I always…

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