Rebirth of Mars // July 26th 2017

Astrology with James

Occurring about every 2 years, Mars meeting up with the sun is an important time offering a reevaluation of what motivates your actions. The next few weeks will teach you a ton, if you are willing to look and listen. Notice where 4 degrees Leo is in your chart, expect ch ch ch changes in that area of life, a reorientation for the better, here Is a channeling for this experience today.

Realigning with Self

Whatever sparks you to action isn’t really that important, a key aspect of Mars or Aries energy, just get moving. However, after kicking things off and getting the ball rolling, please take a moment to realign and consider your current motivations.

Very often we are inspired to do something out of anger or frustration. Luckily, anger and frustration are very powerful and when transmuted can lead to fabulous productivity.
Once you are out of the…

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