Prison Guards Continue to Subject Prisoners to Torture and Inhumane Treatment

The Media Express

Iran’s prisons are a source of frustration for human rights organizations around the world. Inhumane treatment is common and used as a punishment, as well as a source of oppression. The point is to protect the regime, even from those who might question its actions.

On the afternoon of July 15, for example, the head of Prison Protection and a number of guards attacked the political prison section of Rajaie Shahr Prison and, while pretending to search for contraband, they beat Rasoul Hardani, a political prisoner. The point is being made that his beliefs and political stance will not be tolerated, as long as they are opposed to the regime.

This particular attack was a subtle attempt for the Iranian regime to be able to deny the event happened. Yet, other punishments are done in full view of the public, meant to send a message to all the prisoners within…

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