New Moon & Mercury Sees His Shadow – Jul 23

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Before noon (EST) on Saturday, the Sun ingressed Leo and our goals shift to having more fun and romance. The Moon will join the Sun in Leo just an hour before the New Moon at 0:44 Leo. Mercury enters his Shadow and meets with Uranus and Chiron on the degree of the Solar Eclipse of Aug 21st.

At 5:45am on Sunday the Moon at 0:44 Leo Conjuncts the Sun at 0:44 Leo creating the New Moon.

As the Sun ingressed Leo on Saturday, our reality was geared to create more fun, romance and creativity. We will be looking to be the star of the show, the center of attention. But in loving ways as good Leo energy is very loving towards others. As the Moon Conjuncts the Sun our goals and our feelings are aligned. Our public life (Sun) and our private life (Moon) are in sync and showing…

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