Understanding myself (Part 1): Using astrology to clue in your life purpose

Roots & Wings

Astrology means science of the stars, originating from Greek “astron” which means star. Western astrology is a 5,000 year-old body of knowledge which can be used for finding out your:

  • Innate talents and limitations (Natal chart)
  • Core wound
  • Relationship dynamics (Synastry and composite charts)
  • Best career options
  • Best place to live in the world (Relocation chart)
  • Current situation & opportunities (Transit chart)
  • State of evolution in life (Solar return chart)
  • Past lives energy (Karmic chart)

Astrology can also be predictive in the way of showing future tendencies according to the movement of the planets in relation to time, yet specific events are not fixed in stone. For the purpose of understanding yourself, you would have little use for predictive astrology. Instead, focus on your natal chart, which is like a blueprint of who you are, your core wound, and potential.

There are 4 main components which make up an astrological…

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