Brad Pitt: A visit from Melpomene

Venus In The Fifth

Brad-Pitt-GQ-Style-33 Brad Pitt: Sagittarius Sun/ Capricorn Moon

This is the face of a man who’s experiencing transiting Saturn on his Sun and transiting Pluto on his natal Moon. This is the end of a cycle for Brad and I said that this divorce would do more of a number on him than on Angelina. Brad has both Neptune and the asteroid Karma in the 12th house (a house associated with self-undoing) and him admitting to using controlled substances doesn’t surprise me with Neptune in the 12th. Here his dependencies (Neptune) are hidden (12th) and he more than likely hid them from himself.

For further insight I added a few asteroids to his chart to see what’s going on: the asteroid, “Melpomene,” named after the Greek muse of tragedy, is transiting his marriage house. Her symbol is the, “Tragic Mask,” and Brad was definitely wearing his in this GQ interview.

p747824723-3 Melpomene, Muse…

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