What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

Practical Astrology

I have always found the role of Venus and Mars in heterosexual and homosexual men and women confusing. What follows are my thoughts on the subject which is a work in progress.

Amongst many things, Venus and Mars represent the femininity and the masculinity principle respectively. The key is to know:

  • the principle a person identify herself/himself with; and
  • the principle the person identifies for and attaches to the partner/sexual interest.


Most women, whether straight or gay, identify with the femininity principle within them i.e. Venus. Venus represents how they see themselves as a woman, how womanly they feel. It represents their womanhood in essence. Thus when we would like to explore how they express their femininity including their sexual preferences, we look at their Venus to do that. However, there might be “more masculine” lesbians or straight women who identifies themselves stronger with the Mars in their…

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