Virgo, not so “Mercurial” after all

Interesting points. I agree that Mercury belongs to Gemini and is only “on loan” to Virgo. Had not heard of Vulcan as a goddess before. I think Vulcan especially represents the Leo / Virgo boundary, in which “fixed fire” transforms into “mutable earth.” (Sounds like blacksmithing and metallurgy to me.)

Rays Up!

Make way for the Virgo, always seeking the answers to everything. Here I thought that this yearning for information could be attributed to the planet ruling over my sign, Mercury. After doing much research I stumbled upon the fact that in days past many zodiac rulers have been found to be debunked, and replaced with their true rulers in recent times. (I never enjoyed sharing Mercury with Gemini anyways!)

I thoroughly enjoy Linda Goodman’s insight on this topic, well…. I enjoy general insight from an Aries any day. (Why are you guys always so insightful! Ugh)

  • At one time, both Pisces and Sagittarius were ruled by Jupiter – until Neptune was discovered as the original and therefore natural (or true) ruler of Pisces.
  • At one time, both Aquarius and Capricorn were ruled by Saturn – until Uranus was discovered as the original and therefore natural ruler of Aquarius. (Abraham Lincoln…

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