Tuesday, July 11, 2017 “Prince/Knight of Wands”


Tuesday comes in demanding we take charge of our lives by acting out our passions, taking on new enterprise, and fearlessly expressing our individuality and creativity to others.  The Knight of Wands is an optimistic, outgoing, and dynamic leader.  This card represents someone oriented toward inspired action.   It demands that we are bold and blunt in communication, that we cultivate self motivation, and that we learn to practice patience with ourselves and others (The Wands represent fire signs Aries/Leo/Sagittarius and can therefore be impulsive and/or impatient in thought, speech, and action).

We must learn to be thoughtful of our expression at this time, as those around us may not always appreciate the intention behind the bluntness we can exhibit as we pursue our own personal truth and objectively express it.  It is also important to take dedicated, decisive action toward our goals if we expect to succeed.  More vital is…

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