Thursday, July 13, 2017 “The Lovers”


Duality is the name of the game today, and with Venus in Gemini, this energy is amplified.  The Lovers card in tarot represent both Gemini and Venus.  We must find the beauty (a venusian theme) in all sides of ourselves (masculine/feminine, shadow/light, human/spirit, active/reactive), accept it and communicate it authentically to the outside world.  We will be encountering in others traits we fail to see or accept within ourselves and so this is a great time to focus on shadow work.  Today will be a day when our physical environment and relationships reflect the axiom “As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without”.

As we see in other’s the unrecognizable self, the desire to join, unify and connect arises. Embarking on new friendships, new ways of communicating and of seeing ourselves are highlighted with this card.  This union though can also happen within, as we integrate all the parts of…

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