SADESATI- 71/2 Cycle of Saturn Transit


                                    SADESATI – 71/2  YEAR PERIOD OF PLANET SATURN

Dr Arundhati Hoskeri

Sadesati or 71/2   year  transit of planet  Saturn is feared by most of the people who follow Vedic astrology. This period begins when Saturn transits in 12th sign from one’s Moon sign, then ends after Saturn exists 2nd sign from Moon. Moon sign means the zodiac sign in which the moon is positioned   during the time of an individual’s birth. In Vedic astrology the horoscopes based on moon sign  and ascendant are given importance for life predictions and sun sign is taken into consideration for prediction of routine events.

Sadesati has three phases as follows. The predictions given are generic in nature and not to be feared, for the effects of sadesati are not dependant only on…

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