Fountain Pens


A very cool tool back in the day.  

Mid nineteenth century United States was a time of great invention and great change. Writing letters was still the number one way to communicate whether it was personal, business, official or whatever the nature. So when the fountain pen hit the scene in 1830 in Birmingham, England, it was nothing short of a godsend.

Handwriting was an art, and well-educated people always boasted a particular penmanship style that stood out from the rest. Large, swirly capital letters was the norm, and the fountain pen made it easier for the writer to focus on the art rather the mechanics of writing.

CounterClockwise characters.  

Most everyone in my series uses fountain pens. They were the in thing at the time and very high-tech. And they were not only smart to own they were also very desirable as gifts – in fact it…

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