Five of Cups

Terrible Tarot

hi hi hi this is kiki from ketchup (the kinship of experts in tea, coffee and herbs’ unfailing predictions) and we are working so so so so so hard to bring your regular blogger back from the void or wherever she is

omg i’m so buzzed right now do you have any idea how much tea i’ve been drinking to do this? never gonna sleep again


so many shapes in my cup

boot (means caution)…. boat (means discovery)…. do not walk sign (means I DON’T KNOW! HOLY MOTHER OF CHIP I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT ONE BEFORE)

i’m just a novice though,

my mentor is on it

i think

his eyes are like vibrating right now and he can only speak in tongues and he’s in the bathroom half the time and if you chug enough caffeine will you start to see the future without even looking at the shapes?…

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