How to deal with Astrology obstacles this week

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

July 10-16

There are three major planetary intricacies obstacles and incompatibilities to deal with this week. All of them are inconjuncts or quincunxes between major planets. This aspect occurs when two planets are in totally different elements, 150 degrees apart from each other. 

Think of them as mandatory blind dates with people you don’t speak the same language as and who you would never normally want to go out with. How do you resolve this?

Inconjunct aspect astrology Tara GreeneInconjunct

Because they are irritating and difficult to resolve let’s try to get a handle on them in advance. Knowledge is power. One of the best ways of dealing with inconjuncts is to ask the right questions. Use very tight orbs of only 3 degrees when checking on how these quincunxes are affecting your personal planets. 

July 13/14 MERCURY in LEO inconjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES @ 14 + degrees 

The applying planet, the faster moving one- MERCURY…

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