One Woman Is In His Bed – But Another Is In His Heart


A BIG Oops.  

“Melinda, you’re so beautiful!  I could look at you forever!” 

“I’m Victoria.”  

An uncomfortable silence.  Then, “Victoria, you’re so beautiful!  I could look at you forever!” 

It happens.  

And we may laugh at it when it see it in a book or on a movie screen, but, in real life, it’s not all that funny.  Especially. if you’re the “Victoria” in this scenario.

But of course, it’s not all that much fun for “Melinda” either.  Think about it.  Mr. Oops may have her in his heart, but there is another woman in his bed.

What the heck?

I refrained from using the other phrase.  Hey, it’s the 19th century here!  Even though they used their fair share of colorful language, for the most part, dropping F-bombs was not part of regular, day-to-day conversations.  And of course there were no social media sites to get…

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