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“Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are roasted in the divine fires of wisdom ~Yogananda Paramhansa~ ”


The Astrology is a cosmic portrait of the human imprints from past life karmas along with the guideline to sail through the present life. We often refer our horoscope and when something is not going well, people are tempted to follow certain remedies which are external, whereas we miss the divine opportunity hidden in it to find our true self.

‘Astrology’ as a matter of fact a kind of Divination Art which can very beautifully help you to know your past life imprints, which are either blocking your path or providing leverage to you on your path, and give a decent guideline to sail through the future. Normally, people do the remedies that an astrologer suggests, which I believe is a superficial solution to your problem. As anything done on…

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