AlchemyAstrology: July 10-11, 2017 – sidereal

Alchemy Astrology

PASSIVE – Moon in Capricorn, laboratory process of Fermentationemotionally reserved

Fermentation, is a digestion of a substance by appropriately allowing Nature to separate the spirit of the matter with what we call microbes.

Possible Scenarios – based on what’s in-the-air, so to speak:

A good time to: attend to the foundation; of guidelines for your life, and perhaps the actual foundation of your abode.

Challenges: expressing thoughts about your feelings; too self conscious right now, it doesn’t feel like a good time in general.

Balance: keep an eye open for exceptions; make it a game to look for contrary concepts that float by.

Keywords – to contemplate and get a feel for:
Adroit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sun in Gemini – persistent, diffusive
Reserved (emotionally) . . . Moon in…

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