Tarot/Moon Transit Forecast for July 10-14, 2017

Abby Rosewolf

Hello fellow seekers and lovers of the moon! Here is your tarot/moon transit forecast for the upcoming week!

The Moon: beginning its pull away from that gloriously abundant, albeit intense, Capricorn Full Moon, to waning gibbous in analytical Aquarius. The last part of the week will end in last quarter moon in intuitive Pisces.

The Cards: the deck I’m using for this spread is the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini (of course, what with the Aquarian Moon energies). The Judgment card takes center stage! Are you ready for a big change? You’ll be considering one at least, as I’ve never seen this card show up without an announcement or epiphany arriving in the midst.

This could feel unsettling! That Two of Swords indicates you may feel not equal to the task of positioning yourself for change. But the Six of Swords reminds us you might as well go ahead and…

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