MASTER BLACK ⭐️ Capricorn Full Moon


It’s FULL MOON FEVER with a lovely n large La Luna calling for us to shed our flotsam and jetsom to better focus on what’s real and most essential.

Like sea life drawn up from the depths into view by lunar light, our instinctual, emotional nature is more apparent and conscious.

The full Moon is a culmination of intent and action sewn 6 months prior on the NEW Moon in CAPRICORN. What harvest are you reaping? How are your needs being met? Is it a Full Moon feast or famine?

To refresh your memory look back on the New Moon post (link below) or check your calendar for Dec 29, 2016.

IMG_7785Urge to Purge

Pluto the planet of transformation flanks this Full Moon in Capricorn. Pluto is the ultimate truth sayer. It foretells of razing everything unessential back to the absolute bone. If your emotional scaffolding isn’t build on…

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