Lovers From A Past Life


It’s all about timing.

Literally in my books. The real heroine in my story is Claire Stevens, even though she does not truly enter the story until the very last volume. No, I don’t have to issue a Spoiler Alert, I’m not giving anything away, I’m just making a point. No worries.

And, since that may surprise you as you probably think that the heroine is Margarita Merriton, the fact is that they are one in the same person. Margarita is the 19th century incarnation of Claire. So, the idea of timing is really what life is all about.

A sense of knowing.

Maybe it’s the way he walks. Maybe it’s the way she smiles. Or maybe it’s something you can’t even describe. But when you meet The One you proabably know it, or, at least feel very differently about this person.

This may not be the first time…

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