Ladies Love Country Boys


He commands attention. Every time. 

Nowadays this man would make quite the grand entrance, but in the 1840s, he was sometimes referred to as a giant. Standing 6’4″, or a little taller, Tracy walked out onto the stage or into a friend’s parlor with the same elegant and graceful posture.

Most men who came anywhere near his height, and there were very few back then who did, had the tendency of bending over that came from always having to lean down to look at or hear another person.

But not Tracy. He managed just fine from where he was, thank you, and he never bent down in order to meet another person at their level. Besides not liking the awkward stance that gave him, Tracy always felt it looked like the taller person was being a bit condescending.

He’s an expert poker player.

Beginning at the tender age of 10…

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