How To Beat Backstabbers At Their Own Game


Hate the backstabbers but they are everywhere, almost found at every of your job, whether you like it or not. One thing good about being a freelancer is that I don’t deal with backstabbers or office politics no more. However, as I hear stories from my friends as they poured their frustrations on these evil colleagues over our weekly luncheons, I couldn’t help but pity them. You can only ignore them for so long so the only right thing to do is to beat them at their own game. When being attack, you need to be defensive. Here are some ways you can beat the backstabbers (not with your fists) in the office.


Be Better Than They Thought You Are

More than often, the backstabbers don’t measure up their skills against you. Come on, if they are good in the first place, they wouldn’t need to feel threatened enough to…

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