Full Moon- Its story & Relevance !!!

Mystical Insights

Today is Full moon and also Guru Purnima  which is first Full Moon after summer solstice. Today holds utmost important in people’s life as they thank their gurus or teachers and express gratitude towards them. In India it is also claimed that the day started when yogis started worshipping from today “Ved Vyas” who wrote Rig Ved, Sama Ved, Yajur Ved, and Atharva Ved. At some places it is also known as Ved Vyas Pooja (after saint Vyas). Even schools also hold special events on this day and has metamorphosised this day. So I thought of sharing some stories and relevance of full moon to my readers.

So let us get introduced with the Moon and its relationship with us first.

There are several stories about the birth of the moon. One of the story that makes some sort of sense in a more practical way is that once earth…

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