Article 20: Gaja Kesari Yoga – A Vedic Astrology Analysis



Gaja Kesari Yoga helps to perform those activities in life, for which a human is born and that means moving around the world and making a difference by becoming renowned writers, spiritual gurus, political figure, motivational & inspirational speaker etc.

Today as I write about Gajakesari Yoga, it feels wonderful to share the levels of benefits about this yoga in a horoscope. The first thing that is observed in people having Gaja Kesari Yoga is that these people are extremely positive and when you go infront of them, they will melt down your negativity and will provide a flush of positive thoughts. That’s wonderful and in turn makes the native having this yoga different. While many people in the World may have Gaja Kesrai Yoga in one’s horoscope, but the problem lies that most of the Gaja Kesrai Yoga’s are either weak or the Mahadasha of Jupiter never arrives for…

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