Astrology: Conspiracies

Astrology and the Astrological World

Let us get this straight from the start, conspiracies are everywhere and hopefully by the end of this post you’ll get a full idea of why i think it is so. Sadly, there isn’t much i can say to connect Astrology with Conspiracies on a general level so most of the post will be Astrology free.

My God it has ran to a lot of words – read in sections i suggest.

Now, the only ‘step’ you can initially make between Astrology and Conspiracies is the obvious one that the idea of doing a ‘conspiracy’ has to be formed ‘conceived’ at a moment in time and that obviously gives us our Astrology, next it could be said that we could plan our ‘event’ to occur at a particular time, [for example only] a bomb with a timer would be an excellent ‘weapon of choice’ astrologically as the precise time [always…

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