Wednesday, July 5, 2017 “Strength”


Sometimes, our need for indulgence, our anger, lust, and longing get the better of us.  We are overcome with the feelings of want and of ire, but what of control?  What does it tell us about ourselves when we lose it? This card asks us, where within ourselves do we still feel out of control.  The Lion after all is not outside the woman, that’s why it seems so easy to tame.  It is her very own animal body.  We can choose to accept, understand, and integrate our passion and desire nature allowing it to become courage and focused will as this card suggests at its best.  Our other choice is to be overcome by the childish whims and inspirations that strike our hearts then strike us down.  It is our own strength we must be enlightened to as it is only our will that saves us from ourselves.


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