The Root Chakra Series: The Beginning.


We start at red.

“Things that once seemed absurd now are obvious.
You have been released from ten successive prisons,
each larger and containing the last.
The wide plain you’re on now,
do you feel it closing in?
It is possible
to reject and admit the same thing.”
– Rumi

The Root Chakra.  The first Chakra. The color red. Located at the bottom of the spine. The base. 

The Root Chakra is associated with our survival instincts and the Kundalini energy. 


The root.

Red, like flames,

or a cinnamon candy melting on your tongue

Red, like sex

The steam that rises to the ceiling and consumes the room

Two bodies in one moist bubble

Here we are again.

In the middle of the red.

My physical needs, and yours too

Dead and alive

Buried in blood red roses


in a flat valley of frankincense and dried roots

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