July 4 Happy Birthday America under a Scorpio moon

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July 4 Happy 241st Birthday America 

Happy Birthday America,

The planets are making some very complex maneuvers today. Plus this is the U.S. official Solar Return July 4th @ 11:36 pm. That’s when the Sun returns to the exact spot at the countries and peoples own birth charts, which is 13 degrees 19 minutes of Cancer, to conjunct with Fixed Star SIRIUS the brightest star in the skies. The ” dog star.” 

SCORPIO MOON is very active all day, it will be a day of emotional upheaval. Watch out for unconscious emotional bashing with family. It starts with a sextile to Pluto in the wee hours EDT and GMT. 

Another GRAND WATER TRINE today- our cups runneth over.

Scorpio Moon trines MARS in CANCER in the wee hours, then Trines Mercury in Cancer in the evening then Chiron in PISCES later on, July 5th GMT. 

People will be very emotional, sentimental and protective of…

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