He Doesn’t Want To Call It Love – But It Is Just The Same


He may be ridiculously hot, but….

The man just doesn’t use his head! God gave him more than enough in the brains department, however, that does not mean the guy takes advantage of his smarts and uses that gift!

Certainly this is never more true than when he deals with women. Or I should woman, because there’s always THAT ONE who gets under his skin and takes up residence like she was born to be there. She runs a straight path right to his heart and that’s probably what makes him the most irritated with her. She has some nerve. That woman. Owning his love like that!

And she does, she really, really does.

Despite all of his growling and snarling, and God knows all of his stupid decisions, the man loves this little lady and wants her so much it shocks him. He’s wanted women before, sure, especially the…

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