The Free Readings conundrum.

Tarot, Life and You

To free or not to free ?

Free readings. The bane of a tarot reader’s life. Or one of them, anyway.

I’m not talking here about those of you who give out free readings willingly as part of what you do. This is for readers whose income depends on paying clients.

Free reading requests come in many forms., and in many places. They can come from neighbours, online, at business meetings, at parties, and on the phone.  Here are some of them.

” I really need a reading but I can’t afford it at the moment, could you just throw a few cards for me ?”

”What do you see for me in the next six months ?”

”Come to my party and bring your cards, I’ve got lots of friends who need to know about their love lives. ”

”Have you got your cards with you ? There’s something…

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