My Divination Studies Plan

Hot Tea and Fiery Talk

Another facet of my Druidry study is divination, the actual practice as well as history behind it and theory to it’s supposed future-telling. There will only be three essays for my divination study, but every Friday I will be hands on, actually practicing some form of divination. Probably with every new form I try, I will write about it. I will choose a certain practice of divination for a season and practice only it on Fridays, so that I can get used to it and see how it actually works.

First is tasseography, the art or fortune telling through tea leaves. Yes, like in Harry Potter, but there’s more to it than wizarding fantasy! It’s a legitimate form of divination, not a fictional construct of Rowlings. Tea reading has always been something I’ve wanted to try. I drink a lot of tea, and I was interested in how it’s told…

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