Why I gave up writing about Astrology, for now.

Truly well written. My Astro blog was launched in 2008, and back then I wrote forecasts and analysis intermittently. These days, I prefer to read and promulgate the work of others, exposing new voices to larger audiences than they would encounter as a new blogger with, say, five followers. I still write forecasts, sometimes, but do not feel constrained by it. And, like you, I am branching out into other areas (writing, photography) and continue to do so. Best of luck to you in the future, whether you choose to blog or not.

Fiesta Estrellas

When I started this blog (2011), astrology was the thing that was so consistent in my life; for better or for worse. There’s so much that I could have said about my relationship to the subject, and my passion for it, and my observations from about the age of 10 (mostly through software) and so on. It was the whole reason why I started a blog. I never even considered myself “a writer.” But in truth, my “beliefs” about astrology have always wavered.

There were times when the paradigms of interpretation didn’t work for me, so I resolved to learn it on my own terms: entirely experientially. From the very beginning, astrology for me was about “finding my own way” and not looking to someone else to interpret my life for me. It was about Freedom from people and their opinions. It was about connecting with my own sense of…

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