Fine Tuning Your Radio Waves

Rhythms of Life - Numbers by Karen

Like music playing through your radio, our energetic bodies seek out another who is playing OUR song!  Sometimes, we tune in to a person and it’s like you can read each other’s thoughts as you silently sing the same song.

Then…… there are the others who are energetically play a tone that may feel like fingernails on a chalk board to your body.  Their volume dis-harmoniously wrecks havoc in the relationship as you each turn your music louder and louder.  Such is the power play of relationships… it lover, sibling, parent or co-worker.

Over the years, as I get to know someone and find that real-deep connection, their numerology/destiny chart answers the WHY of the connection.  Perhaps their birth-path is the same as mine, or maybe I am resonating my 22 – 11 – 22  Master numbers with those in their chart. Or maybe we are in the same Personal…

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