The Knight of Wands

Thoth Journey

The last of the Tarot Court has arrived, from where he has been waiting, a soldier of fire, a pursuivant of intuition and spirit, in all his golden glory. Waiting is perhaps the wrong word, he has not been waiting, it is I who have tarried, holding back from taking him, taking on his searing flaming cloak and the incandescent torch that he bears. But today the fierce and holy light of  The Knight of Wands issues his call from the deck, and finally, he will be heard, and I take the image from the rest of the cards, and set it upon the low table at my window, in the early dawn light, and I consider the options before me. The potentials of creative vision leap before me, turning this way and that in the space between me and the card, and I consider his fiery cloak and his…

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