Last few hours of the Sun in Gemini … a few words of guidance

The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

The Sun is conjunct Hecate right now (29 Gemini), whilst squaring Chiron at 28 Pisces. Mercury is nearby at 28 Gemini – all of which aspect the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius.
Basically – we´re going to be seeing some major changes over the next day. The Sun and Mercury will both move into Cancer, marking the Solstice – another turn in the great Wheel of Life.
The Sun enters Cancer at 04:23 am (UTC), 21st June 2017
Mercury enters Cancer at 09:57 am on the same day, 5.5 hours later.
Use these final hours in Gemini to be mindful of areas of vulnerability, over-attachment, spiritual denial / escapism, karmic lessons and such that appear to you at this time. Remember to witness yourself as you move through this time, in whatever way you see fit.
Hecate´s role is a powerful one here as Goddess of the Crossroads…

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