The last Empress of all the Russias: Alexandra

Sabian Earth Astrology

alexandra of russia.png Horoscope of her Royal Highness, Alexandra Feodrovna

There are many striking things about the horoscope of Empress Alexandra, and the Fixed Star Nunki conjunct to her Part of Fortune is definitely one of them as it helps understand her devoted to the religious monk-health healer, Rasputin.

Pelagus alias Nunki has the nature of Jupiter and Mercury. It gives a religious mind, hopeful optimism in the face of physical reality. With her Ascendant in Sagittarius part of the mutal quadrature, the Empress would naturally believe in faith healing and the religious laying on of the handress.

She has a plethora of planets in her fifth house of children, emphasizing her maternal concern for them, and with Mars at 12.52 Gemini symbolic of her son, the Tsarevitch Alexei, in the midst of them and conjunct her Sun at 17.30 Gemini the crown jewel and emblematic of her highest hopes.

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