Campanus vs. Koch House System

Sabian Earth Astrology

I have read alot about each house system, but when it comes down to the actual chart, there are few that actually make a difference.

First one up is the Campanus Chart for President Bill Clinton.  Dane Rudhyar loved this method. It was created by the Mathematician brothers of Joseph and Matthew Campanus, who were born around 1250 AD, but it did not become popular until about 150 years after their death because of Regiomontanus saying that his system was an improvement to theirs.  It does have interceptions, but it seems that Clinton does not have those.  Thus he is bad example for this exercise.


So, we will change our reference point to Wendell Wilkie the Republican Nominee against Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940.  Read his obituary from the New York Times where they hailed him as “businessman who put politics aside” and ran for office.  Boy had that tune…

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