Well No Wonder III

jbuss Astrology

Here’s a story that certainly fits…


You know those movies where suddenly the wall opens up and a train whistles through, like in George’s Time Bandits or many other movies?  That’s what it’s been like here – the Air splitting open and an Alternative Reality (not an Alternative Fact) rushing through.  I have a strong Instinct to Close those rips in the Veil immediately, which I haven’t Resisted, so I haven’t had a chance to Explore what manner of Alternatives Want to come through – Fixing a Whole…

Unless it’s just another track of the Changes I’m Visualizing, after two weeks of Regressing to Forgetting that it was an Option…




Or, as Michael Roads puts it…

My path was one of pain and suffering.  I do not recommend it.  I was continually invoking change in my spiritual life, while resisting it with all my strength…

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