Knight of Octopus

Terrible Tarot

Hi, this is [NAME WITHHELD]’s blogging assistant. She and her S.A.U.C.E. colleagues are still missing, along with the haunted mansion they bought as their new headquarters. I’m not sure when she wrote the entry below. I found it by accident in my Spam folder between “pen15 mightier then sord” and “Payment Due – FINAL NOTICE”

Oh. I should probably do something about that last one.

KNIGHT OF OCTOPUS you will die

Placement: The Negligible Arcana


A kraken attacks a sailing vessel. A tentacle around each of the masts, the creature pulls the ship towards itself. Why a kraken would want a ship is anyone’s guess. Wouldn’t you think they’re the ‘pod, the ‘pod who has everything? They’ve got dories and dinghies aplenty. They’ve got pontoons and schooners galore. You want hovercrafts? They’ve got twenty. So, beware, steer your keel to the shore.

Unlike most Knight cards in tarot, the Knight of Octopus does not at…

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