Just Sex. No relationship. No emotions


I watched the movie “Friends with Benefits” and it seemed interesting but I really don’t believe that two people can stay friends after they have had sex…


Well, I take that back. They can. I can attest to it. I’m still friends with one of my ex-fiance’s and another guy friend who I had a 1 night fling and that was it… we don’t even know what to call it as it was a night of partying and it was part of the past and we’ve been great friends for a very long time now. We’re like BFF’s and we made a pact to take that secret to the grave. (I was just concerned one time when we talked about what if one of us had dementia and all of a sudden had verbal diarrhea… that’ll be tricky… haha)


However,  on the other hand, I think…

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8 thoughts on “Just Sex. No relationship. No emotions

    1. Grandtrines Post author

      It is a reblog, so thank the OP. That said, I typically pick reblogs I like (sometimes not, though, just to stir controversy (and traffic to the site)), and this one shows my Vulcan side again! 🙂 (Thanks for the compliment!)

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      1. Grandtrines Post author

        I have a blog called Debatable News in which I try to emulate “The National Enquirer” and “Star” (grocery store tabloids) online, a mix of the true, the half-true, and the god-only-knows-what type stories. (It has quite a bit of right wing content, much further to the right than I actually am myself, though I do lean that way.) I thought it would be my highest traffic site, but it is my lowest. People are funny; you only know how they will really react by testing them. We could chat at length about what drives traffic. Almost always it is some current event that tends to be forgotten in a day or two, replaced by something else.

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      2. Grandtrines Post author

        This is something that I am exploring in a semi-serious way. If you have read my bio, then you know that I am trained in “science” (as we regard it in the U.S.). Cognitive Bias is “hot” now in many domains, and I am left wondering if the real reason that traffic is so low is because my potpourri of topics contains information “people don’t want to hear” (or read). I think this is related to, or a different face of, what is called “polarization.” (We reject what does not fit with our worldview.) See, also: (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polarization_%28politics%29 and (2) http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/06/12/7-things-to-know-about-polarization-in-america/

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