Balance in Duality

goddess letters from dallas

June 17, 2017
Sun sign: Gemini
Planet: Mercury
Tarot: The Lovers
Cancer rising
Moon in Pisces

Interesting to note that Gemini represents duality with two messages brought to mind by the winged messenger Mercury. I needed to read what I had written as much as I need to express this – while one listens and gives to others, it is imperative to ensure that one’s internal message is heard as well. Balance.

Originally composed – February 19, 2015

Sign: Pisces
Planet: Neptune; co-ruled by Jupiter
Tarot: The Moon (Pisces); Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)

Pisces – rules the 12th house of the Western astrological wheel and puts it finishing touches on the zodiac year.
Neptune – mystery, all things psychic, our imagination … maybe even illusion
Jupiter – before we became aware of Neptune, Jupiter not only ruled Sagittarius but also Pisces

Here we are at a new moon signifying beginnings…

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