When things get in the way

Laura Hamilton

reikiprecepts I lost access to my on-line astrology software.  I couldn’t access my clients charts for over a week now.  In my world everything is connected in a web of meaning.  So I had to shift gears and wonder what the blockage was.  As I meditated and continued to work with clients I realized the astro charts were getting in the way of the work.  And quite frankly I would be exhausted at the end of many sessions.  Energetically this is a key that I am doing something wrong.

What really IS astrology?  It is a symbolic system that is based in reality (mathematical interpretations of literal events). As I continued to contemplate the loss of access to charts and still working my work became much more fun.  There was no more exhaustion.  What I opened to was a whole new way of working with my clients.  A whole new way…

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