The House

Terrible Tarot

My dear readers,

I return to you all with a lighter if slightly bewildered heart. S.A.U.C.E.’s new headquarters is indeed haunted. We have lived in a cycle of terror for nearly a month, using all the resources at our disposal to fight them off, and then running away in a panic until we recall that we have nowhere else to stay. This afternoon, however, our fortunes changed. One of the ghosts, a gaunt young boy by the name of Colin, arrived with a proposal for a truce. He passed Sorina Jones a translucent glowing sheet of paper, barely tangible enough to hold in her hand. It read thusly:

“Foolish mortals,

This is getting silly. You won’t leave, and while nothing would please us more than slaughtering you all, we don’t want to be saddled with your spirits forever. Also, as corporeal beings, you can do repairs and maintenance on the house…

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