The Great American Eclipse of August, 2017

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The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 is going to be marked by a total solar eclipse that will sweep in an arc from Newport, Oregon, across the United States to a long, isolated beach on a South Carolina barrier reef and then out to sea.   All in all, the whole eclipse will only take an hour and 33 minutes to traverse the USA.  

We won’t have another total eclipse visible from the United States until 2024.  That eclipse will be visible from Mexico, the US and Canada.  Even that eclipse will not feature visibility from such a broad swath of the United States.

Since the eclipse will be visible from Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, more Missourians will have a chance to see the eclipse of 2017 than any other state. For best views of the total eclipse, St. Louisans should head toward the…

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