3 Earth / CABAN – Flight of Higher Vision: Day 3

Jaguar Spirit


3 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

The Eagle/MEN trecena is lifting us up so we can See and Experience the Presence of the Creator. At the foundation of all our Dreams is to Know the Creator, the Hope to be rejoined as One, and to Experience Love and Beauty. These Dreams always reflect our Highest Aspirations and the Source of our Greatest Passion. As the Intention of the Creator, these are the Dreams most capable of coming true.

Earth/CABAN reminds us that the Creator’s Highest Creation was a Living Thing of Beauty. Earth is a symbol of perpetual movement. It is constantly renewing and recreating itself as a Thing of Beauty.

Human was made as One with this Creation, and like the Earth, our Highest Purpose was to perpetually renew and recreate ourselves as a Thing of Beauty.

Tone 3 presents the first day of movement…

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